By Pete Willard

How to Light up Your Kayak for Dawn, Dusk, and Night Paddling or Fishing

The summer months, with their beaming sun and warming waters, are the perfect time to get outdoors and kayak.  However, on some days the summer heat can be so strong that your paddling time becomes limited during the daylight hours because of the intense heat.  On days like these, you might want to consider paddling …

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By Pete Willard

Best Touring Kayak

There’s nothing better than a relaxing day out on the lake, whether you’re fishing or just taking in the view. Thankfully, having a kayak doesn’t mean always going through rough waters, not when there are touring kayaks out there to provide you the most enjoyment from your environment. When it comes to calm waters, touring …

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By Pete Willard

Best Kayak Cart

Kayaking may be fun, but carrying that kayak through the woods until you get down to the lake certainly isn’t! Instead of struggling under the weight of your kayak, you might be considering a kayak cart to help you out. There are tons of these two-wheeled devices though, with even more features that may or …

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By Pete Willard

Best Kayak Seat

It’s summer, and you’re all ready to grab your kayak and go out on the lake. Then you remember why you didn’t use it much last year: the seat was too uncomfortable! Kayaking is a lot of fun, but if the seat is less than ideal, you may not use it as often as you’d …

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By Pete Willard

What is Kayaking?

If you’re looking for an activity that combines cardio and strength conditioning with the beautiful and peaceful serenity of the outdoors, kayaking just might be the activity for you. A sport that is rapidly gaining in popularity throughout the country, kayaking is a fun, healthy and relatively safe pursuit that affords hours of water-based enjoyment. …

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By Pete Willard

Intex Challenger K2 Kayak Review

When inflatable kayaks first appeared on the market most paddlers considered them to be either children’s toys or, one man rafts suitable only for recreational paddling. However, inflatable kayaks have undergone considerable changes over the last ten years which has enabled them to evolve into serious paddle craft. Thus, they are no longer relegated to …

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